10 interesting numbers about the world's bike capital

Why does the symbol on the Amsterdam (Netherlands) badge have three consecutive X?

Why does the symbol on the Amsterdam (Netherlands) badge have three consecutive X? Here are some facts you may not know about this bike capital.


3: The number of X characters on the Amsterdam badge. XXX here does not represent ideas related to what you're thinking. According to historians, this symbol symbolizes St. Andrew - the martyr who died on the X-shaped cross in the first century. Or it may want to "imply" the three kisses the Dutch give each time they greet each others. 


4: The number of meters that Schiphol - Amsterdam Airport - lies below sea level. 


165: The total number of canals in Amsterdam with a total length of up to 100 km. In particular, the canal area dug from the 17th century in Singelracht became UNESCO's World Heritage Site in 2010. 


1.281: This is the number of bridges in Amsterdam, of which 80 bridges are located in the city center. Magere Brug - also known as Skinny Bridge - is the most famous bridge. In addition, where the Reguliersgracht and Herengracht Canal intersect is Bridge of 15 Bridges. If you find the ideal location, especially at night, you can see bridges with 15 shining domes. 


1,515: The number of bars and cafes in Amsterdam. This is a paradise for those who love Heineken beer. 


2,500: Amsterdam has about 2,500 boat houses across the canals. Most of them are residents'houses, while others are available to visitors. Notably, there is a cat-only boat house, De Poezenboot on Singel canal. 


25,000: Every year, about 25,000 bikes end their "lives" on the canals of Amsterdam. Thus, there is a strange career: picking bikes. According to a cyclist in Amsterdam, about 20% of the bikes are "windswept", the other 80% are deliberately thrown down. 


881,000: While the city population is only about 799,400 people, Amsterdam has about 881,000 bikes. Some estimates say about 100,000 bikes are stolen every year. This is also the most stolen thing in the Dutch capital without any money or other valuable fortune. 


11.000.000: The number of wooden pillars supported for buildings in Amsterdam. All structures in the city use long wooden pillars buried through the mud and fixed in a thick layer of sand. A typical house here usually has about 10 pillars to protect it from mud, while the central station needs nearly 9,000 pillars. 


20,000,000: The annual number of visitors to Amsterdam, about 20 times as many as the local population. Fortunately, you can still find yourself quiet places to relax. 

By: Gitta Russell

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