10 interesting experiences in Split - the vast city of Croatia

Not only is the excellent team in the 2018 World Cup final, Croatia also has the beautiful Split city bringing 10 exciting experiences you can’t miss when traveling here.


Discovering the Diocletian Palace:

Imagine you are the ruler of a vast empire, corresponding to most of Europe today, and you are choosing where to build your own palace. Where would you choose? Roman Emperor Diocletian chose the land overlooking the Adriatic Sea for that decision.


Built in the 3rd century, the large Diocletian Palace, which passes through the four arches, is now the old quarter of Split and is a destination you can’t miss when traveling here. The bell tower of the S.t Domnius Cathedral in this area will give you the dizzy view down the old city.


Eating "original" seafood:

Local people mostly eat fish and vegetables seasonally. You can enjoy many delicious seafood dishes in Split, such as freshly baked fish, slowly-cooked octopus or gregada - fish stew in a pot.


Swimming and sunbathing at Bačvice Beach:

Split is a great city to start the day with... swimming. The shore overlooking Bačvice Bay has been officially a beach since 1891. The sea water is clean, warm enough to swim year round. Local people often come here to play picigin - a game with a small ball underwater.


Visit Meštrović Gallery:

From the old town of Spilt, go west along the coast, you will come to this impressive villa. Built in 1930, this is the summer home for the greatest modern sculptor of Croatia - Ivan Meštrović. The villa is used to display works of his wood, marble and bronze.


Drinking coffee with locals:

Meet, "go coffee" is also a popular pastime in Split. The prime location to bring you this enjoyable experience is Riva pedestrianized street. The cafés overlook the Adriatic Sea in the warm, sunny weather. Or you can also go to the Old Quarter for Roman coffee.


Conquering the Marjan Peninsula:

This peninsula is 3.5 km long, the sea is surrounded by 3 sides, many Aleppo pines are planted on rocky slopes. Walk the long way here, you go from St Nicholas Church - built in the 13th century, through the secluded homes on the cliffs to Bene - west tip. Climbing 100 steps, you will enjoy stunning views of the town.


Attend an outdoor live performance:

What is the better way to have a cool summer evening with a live concert? Come and enjoy the performances of pop bands, local rock bands, or splendid operas based on Peristil, or the traditional Dalmatian singing group called klapa.


Shopping for many clothes designed by famous Croatian designers:

With the Split fashion world, costumes or accessories created by the famous Croatian designers are the popular trends. So do not forget this exciting shopping experience. In addition, products from local artisans and craftsmen are also worth a choice.


Enjoying fine Croatian wines:

The Dalmatian region has produced some excellent wines. You can choose wines suitable for the season and your taste. Going to Spilt, you will learn how to produce, as well as the variety and complexity of Dalmatian wines in a wine cellar of up to 80 different types.


Exploring the Modern Art of Croatia:

The Gallery of Fine Art in Split will give you the opportunity to explore the development of Croatian art from the 1400s. Here you can meet famous painters, such as Ignjat Job - "Van Gogh of Croatia". The ground floor of the gallery often organizes short-term exhibitions.

By: Relly Jonas

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