10 famous street markets in Hong Kong

The unique street markets, which offer a wide variety of goods in Hong Kong (China), are the destination for visitors to experience the bustle of life here.


Temple Market:

Temple Street Market is Hong Kong's famous night market. There are more than 100 booths with a variety of items ranging from food, electronic products to clothing and souvenirs. In addition, Temple Street Market is the Hong Kong night market, which preserves the oldest traditional art form of folk and opera.


Cat Street Market:

Located on Lascar Row Street, Cat Street is a special antiques market in Hong Kong, where visitors can not predict what they will find at the shops. At Cat Market, visitors can find antique items or unique souvenirs such as jewelry and antique pottery.


Ladies Market:

Ladies Market is a bustling and popular market in Hong Kong, offering a wide variety of cheap items such as beauty products, knitwear, clothes, toys, or electronics products. Besides, after shopping at the stalls, visitors can also enjoy attractive snacks such as fish cake, dumplings or meat skewers.


Apliu Market:

Just north of Temple Street Market in Kowloon, Apliu Market is a haven for cheap electronic products with all sorts of old and new items. The shops in this market offer phones, TVs, computers, radios, cameras, sound systems or home appliances at reasonable prices.


Flower Market:

Flower Market is the most beautiful and vibrant market that tourists can find in Hong Kong. Going to the shops here, you can find a variety of flowers and plants such as carnations, roses or bonsai trees. In addition, the market is a place where people can learn about planting and care for flowers and ornamental plants as well as buying seeds, fertilizers or gardening tools.


Goldfish Market:

In Chinese culture, goldfish are considered a symbol of prosperity and luck. Therefore, in Hong Kong there is a market for this small creature with a variety of goldfish of various colors and sizes. In addition, the market also sells many reptiles such as snakes, lizards and many other exotic species.


Jade Market:

As the name implies, this market is where visitors can look for a range of products made from jade, symbol of longevity, wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. This market has about 450 booths selling jewelry, souvenirs, decoration is made from jade with different price depending on the quality of jade.


Dried Seafood Market:

The dried seafood market is home to traditional shops selling dried seafood and their signature aroma. Going through the market, visitors will find many popular ingredients commonly used in Chinese cuisine such as abalone, scallops, dried shrimp, sausages and many kind of dried meat.


Yuen Po Market Bird Market:

This is a place where visitors can stroll on the short road and admire the stalls, sell a variety of birds as well as listen to birds singing in ancient space.


Stanley Market:

Offering a wide range of snacks, clothing, home furnishings, jewelry at reasonable prices, Stanley Market is a popular and popular destination for travelers to Hong Kong. Stepping up to Stanley Market, visitors do not only find beautiful souvenirs and also enjoy the beauty of the fishing village on the south coast nearby.

By: Gitta Russell

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