10 fairy towns for visitors to check-in comfortably

With a dreamlike love for European fairy tales, you can’t ignore these beautiful towns for your destination list.


Manarola, Italy:

Manarola as a photo on a popular travel magazine page. The houses resemble a cultural sculpture on a rock wall along the charming Mediterranean coast. Residents here are mainly fishermen. They are famous for their own wines.


Colmar, France:

Passing already over 1,000 years, Colmar is well known as the "Venice of France" thanks to the waterways and medieval streets. Visitors to Colmar must visit the famous Alsatian village with fine wines or local bakers as well as witness the charming Gothic architecture of the small town northeast of France.


Hallstatt, Austria:

Hallstatt is one of the oldest communities in Austria. This place is like a comic book town with a thousand year history. The prosperity of this town is evident in the beautiful bell-shaped buildings. The culture of the town of Hallstatt is well preserved and a fascinating treasure of human history.


Bibury, England:

Nestled in the green hills of the Cotswold, Bibury is known as Britain's most beautiful town. The town is hundreds of years old. Here there are green meadows surrounding the ancient stone houses. The Bibury fairy tale will make your life's visitors more meaningful.


Giethoorn, The Netherlands:

The Giethoorn town has its rustic charm. Giethoorn hides deep in the Overijssel. The strange thing is that there is no road leading to Giethoorn. Visitors can only come here by boat. The cottages and farms in this area were built in the 18th century and bring the classic beauty of the countryside of Europe.


Dinant, Belgium:

Located between the Meuse River and the old citadel, Dinant is renowned for its impressive architectural style and majestic views of the mountains. Visitors can visit the Grotto of Dinant or the Sanctuary of Beauraing to sip a cup of coffee in the setting of one of the most beautiful cities in the continent.


Lungern, Switzerland:

Situated on the picturesque lakeside, the Lungern mountain town shows up as a fairy tale. The water in Lungern meets sufficient quality for direct drinking. Come here, guests can take a bath or swim in the pool area or take a walk on the sandy beach.


Reine, Norway:

The small and beautiful fishing village of Reine is located in the Lofoten Islands (a beautiful group of islands in the Arctic). With a population of only 300 people, this is a great place to enjoy a peaceful break for the soul.


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland:

Lauterbrunnen hides in the Alps. The area has more than 72 waterfalls and valleys, lush mountainous terrain and the largest conservation area in Switzerland. Visitors to Lauterbrunnen can experience the 300 m high Staubbach waterfall or the Trummelbach waterfall with magnificent views.


Rothenburg der Tauber, Germany:

Rothenburg der Tauber is a small town in Bavaria, Germany. It was once known as the medieval town centre. The city wall from the 14th century is still intact, proving that it seems that the town is not affected by time. Here you can visit the bustling shopping plaza in the town centre, the Town Hall Tower from the 13th century or the National Museum of Crimes and Punishment and St. Jacob's Church.

By: Oralie Smith

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