8 Asian sea paradises to explore once in a lifetime

With the blue sea, white sandy beaches, surrounded by tropical forests, these beautiful islands of Asia are like heavens on Earth.

1. Palawan - The Philippines


On one side of the island are tropical jungles, the other has pristine beaches. All of them bring a special attraction to the island of Palawan, the Philippines. Palawan is also considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with not only forest and sea, but also green lakes, cliffs, mysterious caves and jungles in the ocean.

2. Komodo Island - Indonesia


Komodo Island is located between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa in Eastern Indonesia, and is part of the pristine Jurassic Park. This is the home of the Komodo dragon - the largest lizard in the world. Komodo Island has both sea and mountain, each of which is just so captivating.

3. Cat Ba - Vietnam 


The representative of Vietnam in the top 10 beautiful islands of Asia is Cat Ba island. Located in the Southern part of Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island, also known as Ngoc Island, is the largest of nearly 2,000 islands in Ha Long Bay. It is also a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Apart from swimming, tourists can dive the coral reefs, visit the Monkey Island, the National Forest or even climbing.

4. Baros Island - Maldives 


Needless to say, Maldives is among Asian finest sea paradises. As part of the Maldives, the island of Baros emerges as a beautiful destination, a landmark that can not be missed. Dubbed the island of paradise, Baros is famous for its crystal clear blue beaches and wooden bridges connecting luxurious resorts.

5. Koh Rong - Cambodia 


Koh Rong is no longer a strange name for those who love to travel. The pristine beaches and the white sand stretches ensure that you will fall in love with the beautiful scenery of Koh Rong.

6. Pom Pom Island - Malaysia 


As a small island in the Malaysian archipelago of Semporna, Pom Pom Island attracts tourists by the green beaches, beautiful scenery and the resorts to the beach. Services and dining costs here are also quite cheap. If you like to visit Malaysia, do not miss out Pom Pom.

7. Jeju Island - Korea


The tranquil and beautiful nature of this place are the reason why there are so many tourists here every year. There are mountains, sea, green steppe, red tangerine gardens and golden raspberry fields. 

8. Macleod - Myanamar 


Apart from Burma, Yangon or Inle Lake, there is also a popular tourist destination in Myanmar, the island of Macleod. With its idyllic beauty, Macleod island is a paradise for those who love an escape from the city. Extremely clear sea, golden sand and stretched coconut trees make this island a high-rated destination.


By: Lily Luis

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