9 cheapest European places to travel this summer

In addition to expensive cities like Paris and Rome, many places in Europe are much cheaper but attractive and worth to visit.

Czech Republic


Prague is not as cheap as it used to be, but the Czech Republic is still a place where you do not have to spend too much money. You can still buy beer for €1.5, in addition to Prague you can visit the city of Olomouc - where there are traditional trails, luxury pubs and unique architecture.

Basic daily expenses: €40

Hostel / Hotel: €15 - €40

Andalucia – Spain


Good food, cheap beer, magnificent cities - all located in this southern part of Spain. With cities like Seville, Jerez, Córdoba, Granada and Málaga, you do not need to explore anymore city in Europe as everything is here. You will be attracted by the history of this place, the exquisite museums and the lovely local people.

Basic daily expenses: €40

Hostel / Hotel: €16/ €35 - €80

Budapest – Hungary


Busdapest is a very beautiful and splendid city, but the price is not too expensive, you can go to the spa for €15 and taste delicious street food at affordable prices. Also in this city are many other attractions such as river cruises and typical pubs.

Basic daily expenses: €30 - €35

Hostel / Hotel: €15 - €30

Porto – Portugal


Porto is one of the best coffee cities in the world, although prices are a bit more expensive than the destinations on this list, but cafes and eateries on the river are worth the price. let go. Besides, you can explore many wonderful museums, roam in the Serralves Park and enjoy the wine.

Basic daily expenses: €45 - €50

Hostel / Hotel: €20 - €45

High Tatras – Slovakia


There are many parks and beautiful wooden houses here, if you are a climber or cyclist, this is the destination for you.

Basic daily expenses: €35 - €45

Hostel / Hotel: €15 - €30

Peloponnese – Greece


Greece doesn’t have only Athens or Santorini. Peloponnese has its own beauty - the smooth white sand beaches (quieter than the main islands), ancient sights like Epidaurus and Olympia, medieval villages and Byzatine beautiful town which await you to explore.

Basic daily expenses: €30

Hostel / Hotel: €20 - €30

Gdansk – Poland


Gdansk is a city located on the Baltic Sea, in northern Poland. Gdansk is the main port of Poland, where it looks ancient but very modern. In the city there are many places to explore and visit such as Neptune fountain and Royal Chapel of the King of Poland. Discover the city and you can visit the coastal resorts.

Basic daily expenses: €30

Hostel / Hotel: €12 - €35



Albania - a country in Southeast Europe is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, if you like the sea this is an ideal place. On the southern coast of Ionia in Albania, there is a great view of the blue sky, white sand - a great place to relax and explore.

Basic daily expenses: €25

Hostel / Hotel: €10 - €30

London – England


Unexpectedly London is on this list. But the Brexit event has weakened the pound and made spending in the city less expensive. You can visit museums here at affordable rates or even free of charge when visiting famous parks, the River Thames or Trafalgar Square.

Basic daily expenses: €30

Hostel / Hotel: €25/80 - €100

By: Roxana Edwards

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