Why MacBook Pro owns only up to 16GB RAM?

Apple has officially launched the explanation for this decide on the new MacBook Pro duo (13-inch, 15-inch).

Many customers have questioned why Apple does not allow the new generation MacBook Pro equipped with higher RAM at 16GB. And Phil Schiller - Apple's marketing director gave the explanation for this bondage.


With higher levels of 16GB RAM for laptops in the present time will cause the device to consume much power, this would affect that device battery life brings. He was also confident that the user just have to try the new MacBook Pro, this product will make you satisfied.


32GB RAM figure will fit the user objects in the design, enterprise, because they need a higher RAM capacity to handle multiple operators and heavy duty applications in the same time.

But it looks like Apple wants to prioritize preserving battery life impressive 10 hours on the new MacBook Pro form and direct users wishing to "work seriously" to the more suitable equipment such as 27-inch iMac RAM up to 32GB.

By: Tom Rey

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