Why will iPhone 8 be sold at an exceptionally high price?

Experts predict that three brands of iPhone will be released at the same time, including the most expensive phone in the history of Apple ever.

According to some reliable sources, it is likely that Apple will launch an unprecedented product this year with a completely new design: 5.5-inch OLED screen which helps enhance the interaction between users and devices. Moreover, wireless charging technology allows customers to recharge the batteries faster and more convenient, etc. All are well worth waiting for. 

Over the past three years, Apple has always introduced two iPhone version, 4.7 and 5.5-inch screen whenever a new brand is launched. Photo: Apple 

There are only two issues that need to be considered. Firstly, this particular iPhone costs $ 1,000 (£ 760) or more. Secondly, even you can afford it, you need to be a lucky one to buy this desirable device because of the limited number of products released. 

From leading experts’ opinions...

This has been predicted by the well-known analyst of KGI Securities, Ming Chi-Kuo, who has given accurate predictions about Apple in March of 2013 (before iPhone 7 was announced). He revealed that the company is considering a new iPhone design for 2017 with a 5.8 "OLED screen, wireless charging and a completely glass back. In addition, he said if Apple did not have enough OLED screens for the latest iPhone, the company could launch a pair of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones as usual to compensate for the lack of inputs. 

Users are going to have up to three choices in this fall. Photo: KGI Research 

Over the following several months, Kuo's estimation was endorsed by a large number of senior writers from Nikkei Asian Review and Bloomberg. A recent report posted in July Economic Daily News has mentioned Apple's delayed orders of OLED phone in China. 

Many Wall Street financial analysts agree that Apple is having a tough time developing a new generation of phones in order to make ends meet this September. The Silicon Valley giant themselves are confident that their earnings will rise sharply, even dramatically by the next quarter. 

...to the lack of OLED screens 

Apple will not hesitate to make OLED the top screen choice in the manufacture of a superproduct to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone’s launch. 

With the OLED display, each pixel produces its own light. So when it turns black, the pixels automatically turn off, saving the device’s power. Photo: CNET 

Unfortunately for Apple, according to analysts of IHS and UBI Research, their biggest opponent Samsung holds up to 98% of the world's OLED display market. This has caused a lot of trouble for Tim Cook and his company in developing iPhone 8. 

Other OLED providers such as LG, Sony, and many other companies are also trying to speed up their production, but still not efficient enough to meet the huge demand of hundreds millions of units from Apple each year. 

Extremely costly smartphones

According to blogger John Gruber, Apple is likely to raise iPhone to a record high price in order to limit the huge demand from users all over the world. Not only will the exceptionally high cost ensure the profit, but it also extend the time for Apple to produce more OLED screens. 

In a recent post, analyst Horace Dediu of Asymco says that Apple customarily raises the price after every three years. And according to Dediu calculations, the new ceiling price of the upcoming iPhone 8 will be up to $ 1,100. 

The chart shows iPhone’s prices for 10 consecutive years. Photo: Asymco 

The fact is, iPhone 8 is not the only device that is planned to be sold at an unusually high price. The price of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to be about in $ 900, or $ 1,200 for a Red Hydrogen. 

After all, history has seen many times when users were crazy about the costly, luxury and classy iPhones. That is to say, no matter how high iPhone 8’s price will, it is still nothing to compare and to stop customers from owning these supreme products.

By: Chris Stewart

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