What did NASA send into space?

It's already 38 years since NASA first "launched" a set of recordings of sounds and signs of the Earth into space.

Do you ever think there would be a different civilization in the universe? All humans have always concerned about that. We don't have the ability to go searching every corner of the vast cosmos there, yet. So the best way is helping them find us.

By sending sound collections from Earth into the universe, the human being hopes that other civilizations can hear and answer us. The Golden Record first sent into space 38 years ago, and just until today, the first time NASA announced the recordings. They posted directly on Soundcloud and anybody can listen to it.

the golden record

The Golden Record has just now been announced by NASA


However, be aware that the sound sent into the universe is encrypted and virtually just like buzzer sounds, and the sound clips on Soundcloud is actually NASA's real sound.

Sounds like Morse Code, dogs barking, a train and even a baby cooing and crying were sent into space on the "Golden Record," the sounds that were sent on the Voyager spacecraft that launched in 1977, The Next Web reported.

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By: Kimberly McKinney

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