Users need to update to iOS 10.1 right away to prevent hackers

iPhone users need to quickly update to 10.1 iOS to prevent hackers from seizing control by enticing users to click on malicious files.

Updated version of iOS 10.1 is very important to Apple's product lines because it helps prevent security vulnerabilities CVE-2016-4673 is called. Accordingly, the bad guys (hackers) can easily attack, hijack the iPhone, iPad or iPod by deceiving users view (click) on a JPEG, PDF has attached malicious code from email or web page.


In the case your iPhone become infected, hackers will gain complete access to applications, user data. In addition, the iOS version 10.1 also patches for 11 security vulnerabilities are also other important related to Address Book, WebKit and FaceTime.


Besides, the new firmware that fix eight serious security vulnerabilities to Apple Watch, 10 nasty bug on Apple TV and the other 16 holes of the Mac computer line.

To update the latest version of iOS, users select General Settings section and click on the words Software Update. In addition, users can update the iOS 10.1 connected via the computer with the iTunes application.

By: Emma Ryan

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