Upcoming: the smallest Bluetooth headset ever

This Bluetooth headset is not only the smallest, but also has very unique design and user-friendly features.

You can see the reason for the name of this Bluetooth headset: it is shaped just like a dot that we often use in writing. Its appearance on the investment fundraising Website Kickstarter.com recently has made technology devotees quite excited.

dot bluetooth headset

The investment fund on Kickstarter.com has received huge amount of support - $ 300,000, for the production of the Bluetooth headset device intended to be the world's thinnest, capable of "disappear" from the ears of the listeners.

Not only the thinnest and the smallest, the headset also has a very unique design, round like a dot, smaller than a coin, weighing only 3.5 g, and also accompanied by diverse features. Dot can support wireless charging technology and easy connect with the phones run on the Android platform or Apple's iPhone lines.

dot bluetooth headset

Duration for music listening with this Bluetooth headset could be 6 hours in a row, and normal conversation could last for 9 hours, while 80 hours is timeout of the device.

dot bluetooth headset

Because of such utility features, Dot's price is not cheap at all: 59 USD for the standard version and 79 USD for the executive version. This product is expected to be released about December this year.


By: Michael Patterson

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