Unique robot smartphone from Japan

Japanese manufacturer Sharp has introduced RoBoHon - a smartphone with extremely unique design, just like a miniature robot.

According to Engadget, the new smartphone that Sharp has introduced is called RoBoHon, about 20 cm high and is equipped with a quad-core processor Snapdragon 400. Behind it is a 2-inch touch screen, used to display information and all operations to control this robot are conducted by voice.

RoBoHon, robot smartphone
RoBoHon is an robot smartphone invented by Sharp

The way to use RoBotHon is also unique. When a call comes, RoBoHon will inform its owner by loudspeaker (mounted in the robot's mouth position) and move its hand to get attention. Moreover, RoBoHon even is capable of automatically using hand and leg gestures to remind the user to follow the predetermined plan (wake up, participate in a meeting...).

RoBoHon, robot smartphone

As announced by Sharp, RoBotHon will officially be launched soon and Japan will be the first market to own this unique smartphone.


By: Lily Johnson

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