Turn trash bins into Wi-fi hotspots

The trash bins on New York streets are about to become high speed free Wi-fi hotspots.

Bigbelly, a waste management company in New York is planned to turn hundreds of trash bins in the city into Wi-Fi hotspots for free.

The first test was conducted Bigbelly from last year, when the company equipped two intelligent trash bins with wireless Internet connections in Manhattan.

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New York is going to have free Wi-fi from trash bins


Accordingly, the speed of the Internet connection of this smart trash bins is 50-75 Mbs, enough for the users to download an HD movie in 9 minutes or upload 200 photos in 27 seconds.

Currently, Bigbelly are applying for funding to the New York City Council to extend this kind of trash bin to the neighborhood. The company also plans to continue to expand the test this year and implement on a large area at the end of the year if the city approve. The northern cities of the US will soon appear this kind of trash bin.

trash wifi

Even Bigbelly trash bins themselves are smart devices. They use solar power with sensors to track the full level of trash and spread odor, inform the trash collectors. Some trash bins can automatically compact trash in bins when being filled to receive more.

Adding a Wi-Fi hotspot feature to trash bins on the street will also help the wireless signal not blocked by the tall buildings of the city.

Old public payphones of New York City will soon be replaced by a new type named "Link". Link provides battery charging and free domestic calls with a tablet which contains city information. At the same time this is also Wi-Fi hotspot.

trash wifi
CitiBridge's new kind of payphone

Link is expected to appear on the streets later this year with about 10 thousand stations appearing in five different cities. Thousands of stations in that will offer free Wi-Fi.

How will these Wi-Fi hotspots be free? Of course, the payphones and trash bins will display ads. CityBridge, the managing company of the Link expected to get about $ 500 million in advertising revenue in the first 12 years.

By: Brian Hough

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