Toyota's Smart Key Box can turn smartphone into car key

Toyota has invented a Bluetooth device called Smart Key Box, which allows users to unlock and start the car with their smartphone.

Toyota is jumping into the rental market, this business model is very crowded capital, competition between firms together. Toyota invented a device called Bluetooth Smart Key Box allows users to unlock and start the car with their smartphone.

On the principle of operation, the vehicle owners to install Smart Key Box on the panel put in their cars, not necessarily to configure and customize the system. Clients of the rental will be sent a confirmation code via an application to access the box (panel).


When the smartphone is brought near the car, this code will validate the information via Bluetooth. Toyota called forms identification, authentication as a "handshake" similar to the smart key.

Toyota is planning to bring this new technology to the test in a pilot program in San Francisco with partners offer peer-to-peer car called Getaround next year. Last week, Getaround received a $ 10 million investment from a fund controlled by Toyota, according to sources from Reuters.


Mainly fund projects to spend money on AI and robotics technology, but investment in Getaround is an indication that Toyota interested in expanding car rental services.

Toyota is expecting to car rental service is increasingly popular, especially in urban areas with the trend instead of personal car ownership, targeting services such as car2go and Zip Car. Unfortunately, Toyota is struggling to catch up with its competitors in this new territory.

By: Lee Royce

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