The weakness that can make iPhone 6S devalue

Apple must do more to fix the weaknesses of iPhone 6S generation if they do not want their brainchild to become a failure.

Doubts that Apple is running out of ideas with their new iPhones are making users "scrutinize" and wait for more changes in the new iPhone generation - iPhone 6S, are likely to debut on this September.

Therefore, just like whenever there is information leaked about this product, online communities are "dissecting" thorough and below are some weaknesses that need to be fixed if iPhone 6S is really similar to what is being shared on the internet.


1. 16GB internal memory


Very likely, Apple will continue to make it hard for the users with its new iPhone generation when they are "conservative" to retain its 16 GB version and remove the 32 GB version. Thus, users have to spend $100 more to own the 64GB version - the closest one.

16GB internal memory is quite small for a phone that was designed specifically for the photography like iPhone. Having to save high-quality photos and several minutes videos needs a terrible amount of memory and often people select ignoring the 16GB version.

Apple also makes changes from iOS 9 by introducing: App Thinning - eliminate some redundant functions, lower capacity operating systems or encourage users use iCloud to store images... However, the upgrading memory is still more desired by users when iPhone almost certainly would never have an external memory card.


2. Poor battery life


The positive news is Apple will upgrade battery life for their products. Except iPhone 6 plus which received positive feedbacks, the remaining products from iPhone 2G to iPhone 6 have always been disparaging about the battery.

Even earlier statistics showed that battery life in Apple's older products had not been upgraded after 6 generations.

The American Fortune also surveyed users and get result: 33% readers want smartphone can significantly improve battery life. Obviously this is the most appropriate time for Apple to creat a "revolution" about this.


3. The errors comes from fragile design


When the phones now keep getting thinner, Apple is still regarded as a leader in delivering super thin and super nice phones.

However, at the debut of the iPhone 6 plus, users had complained about their phone screen easily be bent, folded with a few simple operations. This is the downside of what Apple is pursuing.

Right after that, the American technology giant had taken action immediately to adjust and make the iPhone 6 plus more rugged with a shield supported inside. Hopefully iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus will not encounter similar problems.


4. Speaker


A small change that needs noted is the iPhone's speaker. IPhone's speaker is usually very quiet and not sounds good when enjoying strong beat songs.

Often, users are forced to chooseusing Apple earphones. Changes in speakers for iPhone also help them avoid the criticism of competitors about the possibility of playing music and the quality of talking by speaker.


5. The operating system can not be customized


If you want to understand the "bondage" of the iPhone, ask an Android user. The more you can do with Androi, the less you could do with iOS. The only meathod is "Jailbreak" so that users can comfortably enjoy the forbidden application or further interference in the iPhone.

However, with genuine iPhone, you will not get the best warranty of Apple after Jailbreak. Therefore, many people are still hesitant with this problem.

And so, there is no better thing for users if on the newer operating systems like iOS 9, 10... Apple iOS could allow better customization.


6. Lightning cables are not changed


It has been very long since lightning cable of the iPhone 5 was created, Apple devotees haven't got any information about this charging cable changing.

The fact of using shows that a charging expensive or a "attached" charge of iPhone are both quite easy to damage. If users want to buy another, it will cost a lot and easy to buy fake ones.

Therefore, users are waiting for a big change about Apple charging cable.


7. The contour design on the back


It is considered as the worst point in the iPhone 6 or 6 plus. The lines on the back look quite plastic and have nothing to do with the back side. However, getting rid of them is something very difficult.

According to the information from 9to5mag, these lines will be kept in iPhone 6S and this information really disappoints users. Maybe many people haven't forgotten the perfection design of iPhone 5S Gold that can melt every heart. If iPhone 6S's really gonna keep it, maybe it will not be approved by most of users.

By: Peter Hoffman

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