Surprisingly, 90% of iPhone accessories on Amazon is fake

It's hard to believe that 9/10 accessories for iPhone are fake products on online shopping site Amazon.

Apple is conducting the review, against those selling accessories fake (counterfeit) branded "bad apples bite" on the online sales site Amazon. It is worth mentioning, Apple confirmed that the item 9/10 Apple-branded accessories are sold on Amazon are fake.

The majority of these items have been sourced from the Mobile Star LLC. According to statistics from the sources, 50 other retailers are offering to market these types of accessories such as adapters clones (tubers charging), cable... can be dangerous for the user himself.


According to Apple, said the counterfeit product has a copyright infringement can be fined up to $ 150,000, to sell (assign) it licensed to other parties also reached 2 million. These products are marked sold by Appple style, image and true description of Apple accessories on Amazon.


However, kit items are sourced from Mobile Star and other companies, instead of actually coming from genuine Apple. This made for themselves genuine Apple products and accessories are difficult to distinguish fake.

Temporary now, users are advised not to buy Apple accessories from Amazon. Instead, users need to buy them from the store website or the official Apple will more secure.




By: Rachel Halliwell

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