Sooner or later, iPad will replace laptop

ARM platform and touch screen are the trend of the future. Whether people like it or not, products like iPads will replace the basic laptops someday.

Apple continues to take another step, planning their tablet brand as a replacement for laptops with the launch of the new iPad Pro couple. Debates about whether laptops will be replaced by iPad or not still have not come to an end. 

Users are already accustomed to using clamshell laptops with full operating systems, which can actually work with the mice or trackpads and keyboards.

Apple's mobile operating system has, of course, not been considered to be adequate. However, iOS 11 brings many new features in the expectation of promoting the iPad popularity among users. 

iPad will be able to replace laptop 

Many new features designed for iOS 11 such as dragging and dropping content, separate dock for important applications and file manager show that iPad is basically a new brand of laptop. The biggest problem is the users’ habits. They are so used to the old things, and not always willing to accept a brand-new experience.


iPad Pro can replace laptop. Photo: 9to5Mac.

In some ways, the iPad has more plus points, such as its lower expense compared to MacBook, higher mobilty, not to mention it has a touch screen. 

In addition, despite the lack of high-end applications which are available on traditional laptops, the advantage of iPad is its rich options for over two million applications. 

A large app store means the developers are much more dynamic in comparison to whom working for macOS, or even Windows. As long as these developers focus more on applications that can replace PC, it will not take them a long time to create a high-tech brand. 

Leading Hardware

Not only does the new iPad Pro have a high-quality camera, but it is also equipped with stereo speakers, latest Retina Display, fingerprint sensor and battery life that beats many laptops todays. 

Hardware’s strength has also been greatly enhanced. Inside the new iPad is the A10x chip with competitive productivity compared to the latest generation of Intel Core i5 processors. 

All those technologies are neatly placed in a shell weighing less than 500 grams, and no cooling fan needed. Compared to 1-kilo laptops with the fans run sharply, this is obviously a big advantage. 

The new iPad has remarkable hardware's productivity. Photo: The Verge. 

New iPad’s shortcomings are the disability to perform complex tasks and the lack of connectors (such as USB-C) for a more diverse use. 

At present, Apple's MacBook sale is still slightly growing. Until the iPad affects the sale of MacBook, Apple will certainly push it to go further to make it a popular device to replace laptops. 

ARM and touch screen are the future’s popular technology 

This is a prediction continuously repeated by technology experts: Mobile OS based on ARM with a new interactive mode will dominate the market. 

MacBooks and PCs are familiar and popular devices, but huge progress in mobile tools’ development has been evident in the last decade. 

In other words, if traditional laptops still have some features that iPad cannot catch up with, this is just a matter of time. Also, during that period of time, many of its features like ProMotion or TrueTone will be greatly surpass laptops. 

Machines like the iMac Pro will be retained to meet the needs of professional users. Photo: Business Insider 

Of course, there are still people who demand a truly powerful machine to work professionally. Therefore, PC will not die. But when it comes to the majority of average users, they just need a device to browse the web, watch videos on YouTube or edit texts, so, products like iPad deserve their money, and it will quickly become popular. 

Various significant advantages 

Apparently, iPads still needs a few more further steps to keep up with the laptops. It may not be an ideal choice for most users nowadays. However, its advantages including low price, mobility and powerful configuration are undeniable. 

Gradually, the gap in software’s quality on iPads and traditional laptops will be erased, just like the way the gap in hardware configuration is eliminated. Then, there is no reason for users to reject a smart device like iPad.

By: Chris Stewart

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