Sony smart contact lenses will store everything you see

Sony smart contact lenses will save images in internal memory, something much more remarkable than other designs.

Our memories can be erroneous things, such as we remember something in some way, but the reality can be quite different.

Imagine that your contact lenses can be tiny cameras with the capacity to record and store everything you see, and even can display it again right in front of your very eyes. What your friends said? What the meeting last week was really about? You just need to watch it over again. If you want to store your precious moments, like when you first met your future partner, or witness the moment when a child is born, or other "new beginning"? You'll be able to do that soon!

Sony smart contact lenses

And even better, imagine how this new invention will change the whole criminal justice system, when it can create such outstanding witnesses? You have an unbelievable story about Bigfoot, ghosts, UFOs or even all of them? Rewind that view, we will see the evidence.

This is totally a fascinating, and also somewhat creepy concept. And now, Sony has confirmed its position in the race against big brands like Google or Samsung. The company was licensed with a new invention: "smart contact lenses", and it truly is a great device.

The important point of this new technology is that the camera can recognize when you're considering a "blink", such as blinking naturally, or because of reluctance. These deliberate actions will trigger the camera mechanism.

Sony smart contact lenses

According to the patent, the natural time for a blink about 0.2 to 0.4s, so if this period exceeds 0.5s, it is intentional blink and completely different from natural blink (blink unconsciously).

However, what will happen when you fall asleep, when you let your eyes relax for a few seconds? Although there are many things remained to be clarified, but certainly it is a new and promising concept.

The newest step is that Sony lens will save images in internal memory, something much more remarkable to other designs. For Samsung, images will be transmitted to an external memory. This also means that you can quickly and easily reach what has been stored.

This new equipment will pave the way for many other complex technologies. Scientists can use the piezoelectric sensor to convert mechanical energy, pressure into electrical energy. Therefore, the movement of eyes will be read by these sensors and used to activate camera or record images. Energy sources will be provided by electromagnetic induction: an electric current will be generated when a conductor moving through a magnetic field.

This technology can even adjust the tilt of user's eyes and autofocus when images are blurry. Currently, all is still a pioneer theory in a new field, but with so many technology companies are racing against each other along with necessary equipment, we will soon be able to see the these smart contact lenses born.


By: Tom Rey

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