Soccer World Cup for robots

19th RoboCup (Robot Soccer World Cup) has just finished in China.

According to the BBC, RoboCup is an international soccer tournament for robots, was first held in 1997 in Japany. So far there are more than 40 countries participate in this special sport event. This year's competition was held in Hefei, China is the 19th time.

The RoboCup was held from 17th to 23rd July in Hefei City, Anhui Province. The tournament consists of five categories: Small Size, Middle Size, Humanoid, Standard Platform and Soccer Simulation.


Each category set outs different challenges for the robotics, from finding the ball, kicking the ball to keeping the robot balance, not falling.

This year, total of 175 robot teams from 47 different countries and regions took part in the competition. Teams from Japan, China, Iran, the USA and Australia proved to be the best at robot soccer at this event.

Eventually, the team Brains Kids of Chiba Technology Institute, Japan won ZJUDancer of Zhejiang University, China 1-0 in the children-size humanoid robot competition.

The Brains Kids from Japan

China team Water beat the United Tech from the University of Eindhoven, Netherlands to win in the category for medium-sized humanoid robot.

The organizers hope to have a game between human and robot in 2050.


By: Peter Hoffman

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