Smart tips to record your phone’s screen

AZ Screen Recorder and Rec are useful applications allowing users to record their smartphones' screens without root or Jailbreak.

Screen recording is undoubtedly necessary in some situations like when you need to record your instructions, or film your video calls with friends.

1. AZ Screen Recorder (no root)

First, you download and install the AZ Screen Recorder app on your smartphone at This app is compatible with Android 5.0 and other more advanced devices. As the name implies, the application allows the user to record both sounds and images on the screen in rather high quality. 

When the installation is completed, you will see a small menu bar with buttons in the middle of the screen. Users only need to touch the red button to start recording, or reset some parameters in Settings.


Some of the great features of AZ Screen Recorder:

- Show Camera: This feature allows you to record your face with the front camera and display your face in a minimized window at the corner of the screen.

- Time-lapse: Time-lapse allows you to change the videos’ playback speed.

- Draw on screen: This interesting feature helps you easily add notes or highlight points on the screen, insert logos or watermarks, etc. 

2. Rec

If you're using Android 4.4, just install the Rec app at To get started, users need to set the Size, Bit Rate, Duration, Filename. Just one thing, to record sounds, you have to enable the Audio option and then press Record. 


Main plus points of Rec:

- Supporting users to record images and sounds continuously in 1 hour.

- Beautiful and easy user interface.

- Saving favorite configuration for more convenient later uses.

3. iOS

In iOS 11, Apple has added the Screen Recording feature, which allows you to record your screen without having to install third-party applications. 

To enable the features, you go to Settings> Control Center> Screen Recording to add screen recording task to the Control Center.

Next, you open the Control Center and press the Screen Recording icon (in red). On the spot, your smartphone will automatically record all the operations on the screen as well as the sounds of the device (not including voice recording). 


When you want to stop, just press the Recording option at the corner of the screen and press Stop, the video will be automatically saved in Photos. 

For devices with iOS 10 or older techs, you can install Shou, Vydio, AirShou, QuickTime Player (macOS) or iTool Pro to record your screen without Jailbreak.

By: Chris Stewart

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