Smart paints that can change their colors

French scientists have just created smart paints that can react to light, temperature or pressure.

This new kind of paint was invented by a French company named "Olikrom". According to the company's representative, depending on the application recipe, the dye will adapt and change colors according to temperature, light or pressure.

This paint has many practical applications, such as help identify when equipment or material heat up or whether a tennis ball bound out of the border on the field during a match or not.

chamaleon smart paint

A brand new kind of paint can change the color its self


Smart dye can also be used for safety equipment such as helmet. In details, we can know the protective level of a helmet if its color changes (such as from yellow to orange) or when it is damaged (by force) on the inside.

The inventors have planned to apply this smart paint intelligent for many other products, including luxury items like champagne. For example, if the temperature increases abnormally, a new line may appear above the barcode, make champagne bottle could not be scanned codes and leave the store.

For fabric, we can also bring smart dye into the fibers. That will help your clothes change color according to the temperature or light variation.



By: Brian Hough

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