A special treatment for 'sleeping in'

You won't find a snooze button, this bed literally throws you out when it's time to wake up.

Probably many of us like sleeping in every morning. Even though this habit obviously can make you be late at work or school, but many people still can not this can change this habit nor leave beloved bed.

To overcome this situation, Colin Furze, a plumber, stuntman, inventor and filmmaker from England has invented a special bed for stubborn snoozers called "High-voltage Ejector Bed".

To create this type of bed, Furze had added a metal frame underneath, plus a 2 steam pistons to push the bed up with multiple adjustment options. Besides, this guy also fitted lights and alarm to increase the effectiveness of calling up each morning.

Especially, Furze only needed 2 weeks to complete this special bed and it worked well right from the first try. Besides, he is planning to upgrade the bed to have more features, such as putting clothes on and bringing food/drinks to the owner.


By: Hugh Wright

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