Samsung Galaxy S8: shiny design, better camera, artificial intelligence

In addition to powerful configuration, Samsung Galaxy S8 will have attractive design, improved camera and artificial intelligence.

During the meeting held yesterday, Lee Kyeong-tae vice - president of Samsung phone industry revealed that Galaxy S8 will be so lovely and shiny with improved camera and accompanying services artificial intelligence.


Then, Samsung could be negotiated, Viv Labs acquired the US company, co-founded Apple's virtual assistant Siri. However, Lee has refused to comment on whether that Samsung will cooperate with Viv Labs in new projects on Galaxy S8.

Samsung has made efforts to prevent problems related to overheating on the Galaxy Note line 7, in order to avoid this would be repeated on the S8. Currently, the authorities, experts, along with Samsung's senior managers are scrutinized every aspect of the equipment, including hardware, software and production process.


After the unfortunate incident on the Galaxy Note 7, the S7 (S7 is capable of adding the edge) has been the mobile device of Samsung's best-selling ever. Expected future S8 Galaxy Sleek design, powerful hardware, integrating artificial intelligence, besides the improvement of S7 platform and Note 7.

This will be a very prominent flagship, brightest to compete with rivals such as Apple iPhone and Google Pixel 7.


By: Quinn Amber

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