ResetPlug - New technology to solve your Wifi problems

When your internet craps out, this small little ResetPlug will be your true savior.

In this technology world, Wifi seems to be an indispensable part of our modern life. We need Wifi to almost every thing: working, collecting information, reading news, watching movies, listening to music, communicating with the whole work... Yes, some people even joke that Wifi is the air of our life. We can barely survive a day without Wifi. But sometimes we still encounter many problems with this invention.

One of the most frustrating problems for internet at your very home is your Wifi is suddenly disconnected without any warning, and it happens a lot. We all have to deal with this situation all the time, more or less. Some time there's no Wifi even when you've turned on all modem and router. Sometimes we will suffer inaccessible situation although Wifi is still working.

In such situations, users often have to restart the WiFi router, or sometimes we must switch it off and on again after a long time waiting. However, there is an much simpler solution with a unique plug called ResetPlug. When your internet craps out, this small little device will be your true savior.

reset plug

But how does this ResetPlug work? The answer is quite simple: When you plug both modem and router into the​ ResetPlug, the socket will automatically monitor the quality of Internet connection in your house. Upon detection of weak or intermittent signal, it will automatically cut off the power and connect again when the signal is stable.

So easy and convenient, but this device will take us $ 60 investment. And between having to reset the modem or spending that amount for this cute little accessory, maybe many people will choose the fist choice.

reset plug

reset plug

However, that is not an invention of abundance. You will have to move when you're in the middle of something, or simple when you don't want to. How cool does that sound? And no, it's not for lazy people only. Sometimes when you are in an important call, such as a meeting on Skype or simply a call to parents, restarting the modem will take like... forever. And it even does not always work. 

Of course there will also a more radical way, that is contacting your network provider to get the best signal quality, or using better devices. But at least, this ResetPlug has also proven one thing, it is: all the discomfort can be overcome by technology.

By: Stan Howard

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