Pac-man will be sent into space to handle debris?

A satellite named Pac-man might be sent into the space to destroy debris in 2018.

We have about 500,000 pieces of debris, from 1cm to 10cm in size, and about 22,000 other pieces of larger than 10cm orbiting the Earth orbit.

clean space

Pac-man is going to clean the space


Although they do not cause much harm to humans on the ground but would be extremely bad for astronauts working in space as well as the other satellites in the same orbit.

Number of space debris is increasing rapidly due to the human satellite launch operations. At 7 km/s speed, they really are a hazard should be considered when working in space.

Last April, the Japanese scientist proposed the idea of a laser mounted on the International Space Station (ISS) to destroy these pieces of junk.

Dr. Toshikazu Ebisuzaki said this laser gun can destroy the debris at a distance of 100km. In the future, laser guns can be equipped single satellites to be able to search and destroy the debris in the important area.

Recently, engineers at the Lausanne Institute of Technology from Switzerland have studied and created a special-purpose satellite for garbage collection in space.

Space debris removal satellite is a result of the project "CleanSpace One". This solution came from the idea of the game Pac-man that we all are familiar with.

clean space
The "CleanSpace One" project

clean space
The satellite will be named after Pac-man game

After three years of researching and development, the engineers have successfully fabricated a garbage collection equipment and will take it into operation in 2018.

The device is quite small, size 10x10cm, when approaching the debris it will open a net and collect the debris inside.

After the debris is captured, all of them will be destroyed when flying into Earth's atmosphere.

clean space



By: Wiliams Jackson

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