Microsoft bot technology has appeared on Facebook Messenger

Microsoft has announced two new upgrades for Bot Framework technology to encourage developers to build on their own platform.

Microsoft has opened their Bot Directory for programmers. This is like a process of approving applications on Google Play and App Store, helping chatbot could be "tested" before serving users.

According to Business Insider, Microsoft supports developers creating bots for Facebook Messenger and other messaging applications including Skype, Slack, SMS and email.

facebook messenger
Facebook Messenger is one of the first application integrated Microsoft bot

Chatbot is said to be the future of current messaging applications. Instead of arranging employees to answer customers 24/24 on Facebook Messenger, enterprises can use chatbot to automatically answer questions and requirements of the customer, as well as providing necessary information based on keywords and context. This feature was developed based on artificial intelligence technology (AI).

Microsoft introduced Bot Framework (the framework that helps develop chatbot) at Build event last March. This tool allows developers to easily integrate different intelligent chatbots in their applications.

microsoft bot
Tay is a very successful chatbox developed by Microsoft

With these updates, Microsoft hopes to encourage businesses and developers to build bot for everything. The brand is particularly optimistic about bot technology, when CEO Satya Nadella believes chat program will have a profound impact as the previous changes in the technology that they developed.

Chatbot and its applicability are highly evaluated and expected. Recent reports have showed that users nowadays download less and less applications and spend most of the time for their favorite software.

At this point, bot can replace the role of applications because it can easily interact via chat software (such as Facebook Messenger). Users also do not need to download bot for using, because it is built with the messaging software for multiple users, such as Messenger, Slack, and Kik.




By: Anne Patrick

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