Initial success in linking human brains together

Scientists are working to develop a computer that can connect human brains together..

For a long time, scientists have started studying a machine capable of linking the brains together.

Miguel Nicolelis, a neuroscientist at the Medical Center of Duke University has achieved new progress in the study of this issue. His group has successfully made a "Brainet" - or we should call a network connection of 4 rat brains together.

"Brainet" - a network connection of 4 rat brains together

The electrodes implanted directly into the cortex region of rats help them exchange information with each other in real time and create an organic computer system. Overall, this study has solved many problems related to the calculations including image processing, storage, information recalling accurately rainfall predicting.


Scientists have initial succeeded in linking human brains


Nicolelis first experimented with 3 monkey brains connected together. Their mission is control the arm of a virtual monkey onscreen. The monkeys are put in three separate rooms and brains are connected together, so they can exchange information with each other based on their views. During this period, each monkey will face a computer screen.

The experiments showed that the animals can combine brains together for the same goal. Of course, when completing tasks, every adorable monkey will be rewarded juice to stimulate their morale. Over time later, the scientists realized that coordination between these animals becomes more and more smoothly.

Arm control experiment with 3 monkeys

The researchers then had the idea for a machine called "Superbrain" and has conducted experiments with rats. They experienced with each pairs, when a pair solved the problem, their brain activity was transferred to the other pairs through electrical stimulation.

Receiving this information, the following rat pairs proved to be easier in performing the tasks assigned by scientists. In this experiment, the scientists calculated the relationship between increasing and decreasing of electrical stimulation with other elements of the environment such as increasing or decreasing air temperature and pressure. Based on these signs, the group has made predictions of rain with initial accuracy of 41%. Tests showed that the combination of multiple rats gave better final results than when they operate independently.

The rats worked in pairs

One of the interesting things that Nicolelis observed is the rats learned how to divide the workload in groups to make sure no one has to work too much. Although only stop at researching on animals, but scientists say the future of organic computer will help a lot to people, especially in the treatment of diseases such as stroke and epilepsy.

Moreover, Nicolelis said his team is looking forward to a "Brainet" for connecting many brains together, when the brains of many people can combine to be able to use each other's knowledge, solve complex problems of current science.

By: Hugh Wright

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