How to protect data when your iPhone is lost?

When you use your iPhone as a storage of information, privacy should be put into priority, and it will be seriously risky if your device is lost.

There is nothing different if your iPhone is stolen or lost or forgotten somewhere because the risk is the same. If this bad luck happens to you, you will lose much more than just an iPhone. Important information about your identity, personal data, bank account, and even your honor will be at huge risk when the iPhone has gone to somewhere in this world that you do not know. 

1. Strengthen and complicate the password 


You are highly advised to enhance the security of your phone by setting a hard password, PIN code, fingerprint or drawing signature to protect your device from the intrusion of any other person or organization. This is also a basic way to defend your privacy from curious people around you. 

In order to strengthen the password, you just go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, and then start setting the passcode for the device. 

Setting a password should be done right after you buy the device. The harder the password is, the more secure your data is. You should never use anyone’s date of birth or a statement that is related to you as the password. 

2. Set the data to be automatically erased if the password is incorrectly entered after 10 times 

In order to do this task, you go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. You scroll down and activate the Erase Data option. This is one of the best ways to protect your data from being stolen, and it appears to be rather effective if you unfortunately lose your device. However, so as to compensate for the shortcoming of this method which is the deleted information, with important data, you should have backups on other devices or by using online storage. 

3. Activate the phone finder 


Find my iPhone is provided free of charge by Apple on iCloud so that users can locate their iPhones as long as they can access the Internet. All you have to do is just go to Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone and switch to the ON mode. 

In addition to the locating function, Find my iPhone can also help users remotely erase the data stored on the phones by visiting and logging in with the corresponding Apple ID account. Next, you click the Find iPhone option and wait a moment for the searching and locating process to complete. After that, select the device from which you want to erase the data and select Erase iPhone > Erase.

4. Try data encryption

Adding a layer of security is never redundant if the data in your device can be classified as extremely vital information such as bank account information, private photos, private messages or texts, etc. 

First of all, you go to Setting > Passcode lock, and scroll down to Data protection is enabled to ensure your data has been already encrypted and protected.

5. Disable the Control Center

According to experts, after activating flight mode, you are not be able to use Find My iPhone function. Therefore, if your iPhone is stolen by someone with basic knowledge of iOS, that person can turn on the Airplane mode via the Control Center on the lock screen, and then easily accesses your iPhone or disable the passcode on the device. So as to get rid of this, you are advised to follow the steps: Settings > Control Center, select the OFF mode in Access on Lock Screen category. 

Losing your iPhone is not happy at all, but losing the information on it to someone is much more dangerous. However, with those 05 suggestions above, you can protect your data from being stolen and avoid any unexpected outcomes later.

By: Chris Stewart

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