How to install Windows 10 with Android smartphones?

You may not know that your Android smartphone is a helpful tool to install Windows 10 on your computer.

With the Drivedroid app, you can turn your Android phone into an effective tool to install Windows 10 on your laptop. Before following the steps in this tutorial, make sure that your Android smartphone has at least 4.5GB of free space as well as a Windows 10 installation in ISO format. 


1. Setting up 

- First you need to install Drivedroid on your Android phone. The app is now available on the Google Play Store.

- After installing Drivedroid, you run the USB setup wizard to configure the application. Then, click Setup to get started.

- It will verify that your device has not been listed on the blacklist. Select Proceed and then grant the root access to the application. 


- Next, connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable.

- You need to select a list of processing systems, and most devices will work with the first option named Standard Android kernel

- Finally, you open the file manager on your computer and confirm if your device is mounted as a USB drive or CD. This indicates that the device works well with Drivedroid. You can close the installation wizard and move to the next steps of this tutorial.


- If the device does not display, you go back to the previous page and try other processing systems until the processing process works successfully. 

2. Creating a Windows 10 image file

The next task is to put the ISO file of Windows 10 into your Android device.

- Download the Windows 10 ISO file and store it in the internal memory or microSD card on the phone. 

- Next, you start Drivedroid and press the + button at the bottom of the screen.


- Select Add image from file

- After that, you name the image file and click the magnifying glass icon to select the link to ISO file. After finishing, click on the check at the top of the screen to save.

- Select the entry you have just created, and choose one of the hosting options offered. For example, we choose CD- ROM in this tutorial.

- The Windows 10 image file will be linked, and you will see a notification on your phone appearing when the linking process is successful. 


- Finally, restart your computer and boot from the drive where the Windows 10 ISO file’s link is stored to install in the usual way.

By: Chris Stewart

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