How Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recognizes iris?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 carrying the first iris sensor in a high-end Android smartphone. So, how this sensor works?

Recently, Samsung has posted an infographic describing the process of Iris Recognition on Sasung Galaxy Note 7. Accordingly, Note 7 possesses two components to scan the iris, including an iris camera and a infrared scanner to help the device identify even in low light conditions or environments with super strong light.



When the feature work, an iris sensor will capture image then analyze the iris, eyeball and even the blood capillaries. Then, the details will be encrypted and stored on computer database.

Next, the scanner will use infrared to analyze the details surrounding the iris and perform security operations such as unlocking the smartphone, pay a bill (in the future)...

Samsung had announced that they had lost three-year studying Iris Recognition technology to bring out a standard, fast, accurate sensor commercialized on advanced smartphones, and next will be on mid-range segment.


Iris sensor has many advantages including:

- Stable - human iris is formed by 10 months of age, and does not change throughout the life of each person.

- No confusion - the probability of two identical irises is almost impossible.

- Flexible - iris recognition technology can be easily integrated into existing security systems or operate as a standalone device.

- Reliable - not easily be stolen, lost or compromised.

- Speed - unlike retinal scans, iris recognition is non-contact and fast, providing unprecedented accuracy compared to any other security system.

Nevertheless, because Iris Sensor is quiet new on smartphones, it's hard to avoid restrictions in being compatible with mobile platforms. Besides, this is just the first step so Iris Scanner in Note 7 has encountered some basic errors like: not working well in low light conditions, mistaken identifying...

By: Hailey Monica

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