Former female Yahoo CEO might become the new Uber CEO

According to New York Times, Marissa Mayer is one of the potential names for Uber's new CEO.

Uber is currently looking to recruit the highest CEO in the company after Travis Kalanick resigned.

This person will have to be ready to change, adjust the extremely bad corporate culture at this company, settle peacefully with aggressive predators, face to litigations and specially prepare the next plans to put the company on the stock exchange.

That could be all the necessary requirements that Uber must use to find the perfect candidate for the CEO position to replace Travis Kalancik, the co-founder who was kicked out of the company last month. This seems a tough and difficult job because almost Uber's reputation is now number 0. Will anyone dare to take this position or not?

Travis Kalancik

Specifically, the source of New York Times said, despite many scandals encountered this year, the competition for CEO Uber chair was still hotter than ever. The company has received a series of resumes since its co-founder Kalanick left the CEO position in June, and the Uber’s director board has even interviewed several candidates.

For these candidates, the calculation is extremely simple. Despite facing so many problems, once becoming CEO of Uber, he will have the chance to become a hero if he succeeds in putting a company currently to work in 80 countries around the world. Billions of dollars in revenue per quarter passed the storm.

Any change will have enormous impact. Remember that Uber has become a gigantic company. So every change made by the new CEO will affect millions of people worldwide, not just the number of employees up to 15,000 but also hundreds of thousands of their driving contracts.


The new CEO will also have the opportunity to put Uber on the stock exchange. The company was active in 2009 and is currently the highest value startup in the world with a valuation of $ 70 billion. Despite of yet profitable, the company's revenue is increasing every day. Therefore, once the IPO comes, it's going to be a shocking event on Wall Street as well as Silicon Valley - where investors have bet a billion dollars that Uber will succeed.

Currently, Uber's five-man board has not revealed anything about the potential candidates. The reason is that after some news leaked just before Travis Kalanick officially resigned, Uber must be much more careful to avoid revealing the news again.

However, New York Times said that among the people being considered are: Susan Wojcicki - YouTube leader. Other names include Adam Bain - former Twitter CEO; David Cush - former CEO of Virgin America; former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Thomas Staggs - former Disney CEO. It is not clear whether all of these people are interested in the Uber’s position or not. Other names include former Google business director Nikesh Arora who is quietly racing for the position. Currently Bain, Cush, Mayer, Stagges and Arora have not responded to the rumor.

Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

In addition, Uber also has other options. Previously, the company had to face many criticisms due to the lack of diversity of ethnic and racial composition. Last year, Ariana Huffington, a female media entrepreneur, joined the Uber’s director board, and in recent months the company has employed quite a number of women and minority groups in subordinate positions.

In general, anyone who becomes the last winner, they also have to shoulder the task extremely difficult. The level of negative perception about Uber has tripled to 27% of respondents in a survey conducted in May. The company is also struggling to recruit high-tech talent because of its bad brand image.

In general, for the ambitious candidates, Uber CEOs has more opportunities than the challenges: "Despite all the problems Uber has, there are still a lot of top candidates for the job. These people tend to like solving problems: The more difficult the reality is, the more they want to overcome."

By: Oralie Smith

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