Forget iPhone X, Apple's best smartphone costs $ 350 only

After the launch of iPhone X, Apple’s iPhone SE dropped $ 50, which means this device is now sold for $ 350 only.

Apple has just introduced a set of three new iPhone brands. They all have perfect designs, powerful configurations and... the prices go beyond imagination. The device with the lowest capacity costs… $ 1,000. Many people have questioned why a mobile phone to perform basic tasks such as surfing the Internet, taking pictures and posting on social networking sites can cost up to $ 1,000? 

iPhone X costs $ 1,000. Photo: The Verge. 

Of course, there are still millions of customers who are willing to spend up to $ 1,000 to buy this most advanced smartphone. For them, it's not simply a phone. It's a symbol just like the status of Mercedes S600 in the world of cars. 

However, in the meantime, a lot of people cannot afford or they simply do not want to say goodbye to a thousand of dollars just for a smartphone. They prefer something with more ‘reasonable’ price just like a Honda Civic rather than a Mercedes S600. 

Those practical customers want a cheap, powerful and durable device. They do not want to follow the trend. And if you are one of them, the following information can make you really excited: Apple has quietly reduced price of the SE by $ 50 USD. 

Apple’s Honda Civic

With $ 350, customers can own the iPhone SE. The device has an idea minimum capacity which can contain 32 GB of data. Also, with a hardware configuration which is equivalent to iPhone 6S, iPhone SE is truly a Honda Civic in the smartphone world. 

When it comes to the configuration, iPhone SE is equipped with A9 chip just like iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and iPad 2017 formerly launched this year. Its price is quite competitive with current middle-class smartphone todays, and undoubtedly more attractive compared to the latest iPhones. As you might have already known, iPhone 8 costs up to $ 700, not to mention the luxurious iPhone X. 

iPhone SE is the Honda Civic of Apple.

iPhone SE's camera can beat various opponents. At the same time, it can also be updated to the latest version of iOS with millions of secured and useful applications.

The biggest drawback of iPhone SE is that its screen is quite small. This device still has a 4-inch screen, which is almost extinct in the smartphone market today. However, this minus point may be a plus point to certain users. 

If you want a larger product, an iPhone 6S is also not a bad choice, each device of this old brand costs $ 449. 

With products such as iPhone SE or iPhone 6S, users do not have to pay for what the critics call ‘Apple Tax’, implying the ‘unacceptable’ high price of Apple's latest products. 

Exorbitant smartphones is not everything that Apple sells 

Apple is famous for elegant, flashy and expensive smartphones. This is true, but it's not everything about this company’s products. If you look at the product list of Apple, you can still choose for yourself high quality devices at reasonable prices. 

The price list of available iPhone models 

iPhone SE is a perfect example. After the launch of Apple Watch Series 3, Apple also reduced the price of the Apple Watch Series 1 to $ 249. Users can also buy an iPad 2017 with $ 329 only. Configuration is not a strong point of iPad 2017, but this product is considered the best choice in this range of price that Apple has ever released. 

Apple’s cheapest iPad costs $ 330, and now they sold their cheapest iPhone at $ 350. These affordable products play a very important role in reaching out to popular users as well as convincing potential customers in emerging markets. When you are a technology giant like Apple, you truly need that strategy.

By: Chris Stewart

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