Expert's opinion: iPhone 7 Jet Black is very prone to scratches

True to many people's fear, it seems that the jet black iPhone will not be able to get rid of the problem from scratch.

Shortly after the launch of Apple's new products, many people have been very excited about the arrival of new color versions on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Both Jet Black and Black are gaining the attention of countless users. However, Jet Black version is somewhat more favored thanks to its impressive photos spread on the Internet.


Despite of being really eye-catching, there is a fatal weakness on the iPhone 7 Jet Black that many people are afraid of. It is the appearance of scratches on surface caused by its sensitivity to light. This problem has also been confirmed by John Gruber - a technology blogger who luckily got new Apple product early.

According to John Gruber, he is experiencing both iPhone 7 Black and Jet Black version, and really enjoys them. Attention is directed to the Jet Black more because of glamorous outlook of this model. However, every beauty is fragile, the iPhone 7 Jet Black version has been proved extremely sensitive to scratches.


John Gruber said that after 2-day trying, his glossy iPhone 7 Jet Black already had many small scratches. Gruber confirmed that there was no strong collision happened with the iPhone, except for contacting the table surface. But according to what Gruber described, the iPhone Jet Black's behind was then the same as the iPhone 6s that he had used for about a year.

Perhaps Apple will still have more work to do to improve the quality of their products in the next jet black iPhone generation. As for individual users fascinated by this shiny black version, maybe they should consider carefully before choosing a beautiful, sparkling but somewhat "weak" phone.


By: Brian Robinson

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