Dual camera for cheap phones: it's not far away

In the coming time, we will see a lot of different smartphones with dual camera in mobile market.

Dual camera will be the trend for smartphone cameras in the future. It is not merely dominate the premium segment (iPhone 7 Plus, P9 Huawei, LG G5) as the current time, this camera promises clusters will also popular in the mid-range product line.

Qualcomm has launched the Snapdragon chipset 626 3, 653 and 427. These are VXL for the mid-range device with the ability to support dual camera.


Qualcomm said the dual-camera equipped with clusters on its midrange smartphones can help these devices better low light photography, which gives users images with better quality. That's not to mention the exciting features dual cameras around clusters are custom manufacturers separately.


In addition, performance Snapdragon 626/653 meet 10% stronger than previous chipsets, own 653 series chipsets supports up to 8GB RAM devices. Meanwhile, 427 Snapdragon provided connectivity standard CAT7, brings speed download / upload respectively 300Mbps / 150Mbps.

All 3 series chipsets will support fast charging standards Quick Charge 3.0. Expected to be present on the product line later this year or maybe early next year.

By: Jane Stone

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