'Artificial brain' successfully implanted in mice

The story of brain controlling in fictional novel has now become a reality when scientists implanted brain to control mice remotely.

The brain implanted is smaller than a human hair, can change the nervous system through using wireless signal. This allows scientists to study the brain stimulation without surgery.

control mice brains

Scientists now can control a mouse's brain

This is a collaborative research project between the Medical University of Washington and the University of Illinois with hope to treat neurological disorders in humans through special neural networks in one day.

This battery-powered device is implanted in the mouse's head and contains a kind drug that changes brain function.

control mice brains

In the experiment, the morphine is injected into the activity-control part in the mice's brains and the implanted brains will order them to run in circles.

The study is published in the scientific journal Cell may help develop minor surgery technologies to treat many neurological symptoms such as depression, addiction, chronic disorder...


By: Dinah Richardson

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