5 unique designs of future smartphones

These new, unique and equally crazy smartphone design ideas can completely become a reality in the near future.

Nokia E-Cu


Nokia is probably a myth with "blockbusters" in their golden era. During the development process throughout years, Nokia has designed many unique, bizarre and even a little bit crazy phones. Nokia E-Cu is also one of them, with incomparable design and feature: charging by our own body heat.

To do that, the outer shell of the phone is made of copper with a special design. This design integrates an energy conversion that converts heat from our body heat into chargeable power supplying the machine.




Phone blocks - This idea perhaps is not so strange anymore. Google developers have been raising this project for many years under the name "Project Ara". This project is said to have been killed by Google because of infeasibility.

However, PhoneBloks is not like other Google projects. The idea uses an on-board in between connecting components such as screens and other modules, instead of attaching additional things up a screen with terminals available.


Kyocera Digno Rafre


Have you ever thought about cleaning your phone with detergent, cleaners? Smartphone with super-long and super strange name coming from the Japanese can do it.

This smartphone is against not only water, but also foam and other detergents. Cleaning a smartphone has never been so easy!


O2 Recycle


O2 smartphone is designed for rugby league held in London last year. The shell is created mainly of glass and grass taken from the stadium of the tournament.

Meant to preserve the environment, this really is a "green" smartphone. Reportedly, the artisan who crafted this shell is Sean Miles. It took him 240 hours to complete this beautiful smartphone.


Bendy smartphone


It seems like bendy smartphone is really appreciated by Samsung recently, with the advent of devices attached to the Edge, Round or Galaxy Note 7.

The idea of a flexible smartphone was introduced by Samsung long ago, about 5 years. However, due to technological limitations, this project can not be completed soon. With the current momentum of development, after years of research, most likely Samsung will launch this smartphone in the next few years.


By: Daniel Carpenter

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