5 famous robots from Japan that will amaze you

When it comes to robot, everyone thinks of Japan, and here are five of the reasons why!

1.  ChihiraAico

Japanese robot

Humanoid robot woman ChihiraAico has the ability to communicate and express emotions naturally, and especially does not too depend on what was programmed before.

With 43 moving parts on the face, torso, shoulders and arms, ChihiraAico can create such flexible motions. She can laugh, cry and express many different emotions.

Toshiba hopes that in the future, ChihiraAico can replace humans to do many different kinds jobs as elderly caring, consulting...


2. Asimo

Japanese robot

Asimo - the pride of Japan, is the very first robot in the world can climb up stairs and walk independently. Not just so, he can recognize faces, voices, gestures, and can be controlled via voice.

With his hands, Asimo can open doors, carry things, push the car... and many other nameless jobs.

Honda Asimo was designed with the goal of creating a true helper for man. The robot can do housework, take care of elderly people, help the disable with every life activities.

Asimo is only about 1.3 meters high, just the height of a person sitting on wheelchair, and looks like a miniature astronaut. These things make the image of ASIMO become quite friendly and approachable.


3. Yume Hiyoko

Japanese robot

A toy manufacturer in Japan, Sega has released a toy robot that looks exactly like a chick, and it is super cute! This robot chick named Yume Hiyoko can "chip chip" or flapping if it is stroked on the back.

The manufacturer said this chick robot was designed to become an unique pet that people can carry and caress any time. Yume chickens were sold for about 19 USD each.


4. I-fairy

Japanese robot

It maybe was one of the funniest wedding ever. Robot I-Fairy from Japan, hosted the wedding ceremony of Tomohiro Shibata and Satoko Inoue. I-Fairy is a product of Inoue - the bride's company. They had decided to use robot to host the ceremony to remember those early days to be together because of their love for robots.


5. Evolta

Japanese robot

Evolta Robot - another product of Panasonic company, has the capable of swimming, cycling and jogging. Evolta climbed craggy cliffs in Grand Canyon, raced at the infamous 24 hours race Le Mans in France and participated in the Ironman Triathlon, the harshest triathlon exams of the world in Hawaii.


By: Frank Sharpe

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