When is the greatest time to get ideas?

In the evening, when our brains are most comfortable, the wonderful ideas arrive. So, how do we grasp that line of thinking?

Researchers on cognitive processes have discovered the phenomenon of "pattern recognition" taking place in the brain when it is in the state of comfort. In this process, when our brain is relaxed, it will create new connections and allow new neuron pathways to be formed. This is also why we often think of some good ideas in the bath or just before going to sleep.

When we go to sleep, the brain gradually dismantles the patterns and concepts we use to look at our world. From there, we will no longer be limited to any pattern. A study from the University of California in Berkeley demonstrates that sleep can promote "distance collaborations" or abnormal connections in the brain and lead to unexpected findings the next morning. When people wake up, their ability to connect ideas gets 33% better. In his article on Psychology Today, Steven Kotler says this phenomenon is quite common in many people.

Here are four ways you can take advantage of the evening to create booming ideas:


Get inspired before going to bed

Put your phone down and read a thought-provoking book before going to sleep. It can help you think, create a new idea that you have not thought before. While reading, you should devote all your attention to the content of the book. That way, you will make the most out of your thinking, judgment and ability to get ideas out of the readings.


Ask yourself questions

Asking yourself a question before bed can help your brain solve the problem in the quietest state. However, after that, you need to forget about it and let the brain work quietly while sleeping. You should not force yourself to offer a breakthrough idea immediately. This will be counter-productive, causing difficulty in sleeping. Just rest and know, you will wake up with a brand new idea.


Keep a notebook by your side

A bedside notebook will help you write down in time any ideas that come to your mind. When you are thinking about something, make a note to remember it the next morning. It does not matter how perfect your idea is. Basic keywords also help you get a detailed plan after a night of rest.


Practice lucid dream

Essentially, lucid dream is the dream in which you can be aware that you are dreaming. According Stephen LaBerge, a psychologist and expert on this issue, you can stay in the dream, then, use it to match reality. It sounds like a fictional novel but this is how you can apply it when it comes to ideas. However, this is a process that requires a lot of practice time and concentration. You can achieve a lucid dream by constantly asking yourself whether you are dreaming. This helps the brain deepen into the subconscious and do the same thing while you sleep. On the other hand, if you wake up in the middle of the night, remember the dream you are having and then return to sleep with the sense that you are dreaming.

LaBerge calls these steps memorable touch of a lucid dream, or MILD (Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams) technique. Why should you try this? When you sleep, you will not be limited to the rules of life. At that time, your mind will be extremely comfortable and you can think of many new ideas. In general, when you feel stressed or stuck, do not try to solve the problem. Pause your work, take time off, or have a nap. When the brain is relaxed, you will be more relaxed and gain more ideas.


By: Emma Chavez

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