What to and not to do when hitting the gym

Here are what you should and should do at the gym, which are likely to have a big impact on your exercises.


Snack 1 hour or have a full meal 2 hours before workout

The exercise process consumes a lot of energy, so in case of sudden exhausting you need to plan a nutritional intake beforehand. If you have enough time, you should have a full meal at least 2 hours before hitting the gym for the internal organs to have time to digest, avoid shocking the hip during practice. If you are in the rush, snack about 1 hour before.

For some special cases when you forget to recharge before the specified time, you can eat 1 - 2 boiled eggs about 10 minutes before practicing. If you are on a weight loss diet, nutrient intake should be carefully controlled.

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Get enough sleep

If the body is in good condition, the effect of gym will be better, this is the basic principle that any gymer should note. Sleeping is when the body restores energy to the previous workout, allowing the muscles to rest to be ready for the next battle. Lack of sleep will likely to cause muscle pain and fatigue, as well as difficulty concentrating.

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Warm up carefully

Absolutely, the start-up phase can not be ignored. Warming up is the first step that allows you to move on to high intensity, avoiding injuries and cramps... Although the process contains just a few gentle movements, it’s very supportive during training.

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Drink water

With intense exercises, you should compensate for the loss of water by drinking water. However, if you are still in training, you should only drink a few sips of water for temporary refreshment so your body will not be shocked. Even after workout, you should not drink too much water at once.

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Be harsh on yourself

Although there are moments when you need to break your limits, reaching the higher level of fitness, bodybuilding experts always recommend listening to your body. Once your body is alerted by dizziness, headaches or loss of breath, you should have a break to avoid harming your health.

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Take a bath

The body temperature after exercise is higher than normal, the pores are enlarged to release sweat. So if you take a shower right away, especially with cold water, your body will be more tired and prone to colds. Most seriously is that when the temperature suddenly changes, the body's thermal shock can lead to many other conditions.

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Eat foods that contain carbohydrates

It’s obvious that your body will feel hungry right after workout due to energy loss, making you will feel like eating the whole world. Just ignore it and go through this challenge several times, your body will get used to increase tolerance. The supply of carbohydrates after the exercise is just like ruining all the results you just created. If you want to satisfy your appetite, you can snack 2 hours after hitting the gym.

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By: Lily Haney

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