What should you do after a breakup?

After a breakup, what should you do to avoid getting into another "toxic relationship"?

Write something in diary


Writing diary means you are "visualizing" all the emotions and thoughts arising in your mind. Write about your days with him, what you did, where you went, and most importantly, do you feel happy after all? If answers are not, you should sit down to consider whether this relationship is worth being continued. Remember that the purpose of relationships is to make life more positive, not vice versa.

Listen to friends and relatives

There are definitely certain reasons why it is said that "love is blind". Therefore, the views from your friends and relatives is very important when you meet a new person.

For example, the words like "I have to be like this", "I cannot", and “I do not like you" ... are usually signs of selfish people. They do not care about the other’s emotions. This is the time to resort to your friends's help to pull you out of an unhealthy relationship.

Keep distance


In such awkward situations, keeping distance is a must-do thing in the immediate future. In a few days, keep yourself busy, make unfinished plans, travel or simply spend more time with your family and friends. This will be a test if you intend to break up, and give you time to reassess that relationship.

Stop denying

Continuous denial and defense of your boyfriend’s bad behaviors is a worrying sign. Of course, no one is perfect, but you cannot ignore it if you have to say it often. 


Denial also comes from blindness in love, even forming a bad habit. Now instead of talking about the other half, start asking yourself some questions, for example: Do I feel happy or tired when I'm with him? Do I really want to do this with him? How many times has he let me down? ... Understanding what you want is the key to happiness, if you do not love yourself, then how can you love another?

Equip more knowledge

Love is a natural factor inside us, but we also need to learn to love. Consider this is a living skill because love is the only way to find a partner.


Theories in books and magazines cannot be entirely applied in real life, but it will be necessary for you to build to new relationships. You should also learn from couples around, whether they are happy or not, or at least you can still learn memorable lessons. Knowledge equipment is an essential step to your future relationships, regardless of whether you want to start or end, you are only one  to make the final decision.

By: Christina Baker

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