What makes French women always attractive?

French women are naturally attractive and they themselves exude charm without being dressed or making up...

French women 'don't get fat' (apparently) but they do age gracefully. They're always elegant, even when they're scruffy. They don't slavishly follow trends but they do look effortlessly look cool always. How do they do it? 

  1. Do not care much about their measurements 

French women do not believe in dieting or physical training. In fact, they do not care about maintaining their measurements but enjoy their favorite delicacies like butter, croissants, red wine and chocolate. 

  1. Do not spend much time preparing 

The ladies from Paris absolutely do not spend hours just preparing. Despite being always dressed and making up, they always do things well enough, not too much or too ostentatiously. For them, everything is perfect only when they are sophisticatedly adjusted and modified. 

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  1. Stay positive 

Another fascination of a French woman lies in optimism and positive thinking about everything in life. Even in love, they always demand justice and equality between two people in a relationship. French ladies will not try to find love, they will let love find themselves and stay with them instead. They are sexy when they are themselves and do not try to force themselves to do anything to be loved. 

  1. Be attractive without trying 

The dignity of the French ladies is always attractive to others. Looking at their style, people can feel their intelligence and strength. Those who always have their own opinions will not let the negative elements affect their lives and that is why they always attract without any effort or force. 

As a long-standing Chanel girl, chic comes easily to Vanessa Paradis. She somehow manages to make the ordinary look extraordinary. When it comes to fashion, Paradis says she doesn’t overthink things and simply puts together a look she’s comfortable with. She’s never overstyled, always preferring the natural, fuss-free look. And that’s the undeniable charm of Paradis. 

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  1. Love themselves 

You can see pictures of French women glamorous in sexy pajamas. They wear nice clothes to please themselves not any other persons. "Love yourself before loving others" is the key point of this beautifully romantic country. 

  1. Be humorous and smart 

The last point that creates the uniqueness of French women is their sense humor. They are always cheerful and funny to make everyone around them happy. But if you pay closer attention, you will find that their humor is not too fussy, and it is always in control. They will absolutely never turn their humor into a joke to others. 

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By: Christina Baker

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