What do successful women do before bed?

In the era of technology, people are usually attached to modern electronic devices, however, this is highly likely to destroy our sleep.


Read the five successful women's sleep habits and find inspiration for a change in your routine.

  1. Keep yourselves far from technology

Using the phone and electronic devices before bedtime has an adverse effect on sleep quality

Women have to use smart electronic devices to deal with lots of matters within a day to become successful in this modern society. The habit of using modern electronic devices also causes their sleep to be affected, gradually leading to the lack of sleep. Blue light from a computer screen or phone increases the amount of hormone cortisol which inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you fall asleep easily.

Although you turn on Night Shift mode to limit this type of light, the content you read will destroy your sleep quality and make the body tired the next day. So successful people often know when to separate themselves from such electronic devices, and always limit their electronic-device use at least 1 hour before bedtime.

  1. Read books

Reading before going to bed is considered a remedy keeping your spirits up.

Warren Buffet spends nearly 80% of his day time just reading. Not everyone can arrange such amount of time in a day just for books, except for such big names as Barack Obama or Mark Cuban, especially reading before going to sleep. Reading can help your body and mind relax. However, if you have intention of reading on your hand phone, make sure that Night Shift mode is turned on already. A study from Harvard Medical School shows that people who read eBooks often produce a melatonin hormone 90 minutes slower than others, melatonin levels are halved at the same time and they often have REM (A disease that causes the eyes to move rapidly while sleeping).

  1. Recollect


Recalling what has gone through in the day is a good way for successful women to increase their emotions and gain self-esteem, so that they can promote their strengths and repair weaknesses.

  1. Do meditation


Certain types of meditation can improve REM (sleep disorders) and all types of meditation help limit the production of cortisol hormones. If you do not have enough time to recollect all of the day's events before going to bed, try 10 minutes of meditation as a way of clearing your mind and helping you go to sleep easier.

  1. Set alarm


Successful people always have a certain sleep mode. This does mean that they go to bed and wake up at a certain time of the day. It is important to make sure you have a good night's sleep, but do not ignore the moment you wake up the next morning. What’s more, successful people also have reasonable healthy activities to welcome the new day. So, don’t forget to go to bed and wake up in time.

By: Christina Baker

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