The youngest professor in Germany won the Fields Award 2018

Peter Scholze is currently the youngest professor in Germany. He and the other three people have won the prestigious Maths award - Fields Medal 2018.

Professor Peter Scholze (30 years old) from Germany recently won the Fields Medal at the 2018 International Congress of Mathematicians. He also became one of the youngest medalists in the world ever.


Peter Scholze is a professor at the University of Bonn, Germany. At the age of 16, Scholze embarked on his research and proved Fermat's Last Theorem. This is a well-known theorem in the history of mathematics that was a challenge to many great minds for nearly four centuries.

Peter Scholze is considered one of the most influential mathematicians in the world. As a student he participated in the International Mathematical Olympiad four times, winning 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal.

At 22, Peter Scholze figured out a way to dramatically shorten a complex equation in Algebraic geometry.


After completing his undergraduate degree in just 3 semesters, a Master's degree in two semesters, Peter Scholze became a mathematician. A short time after becoming a doctor, Peter was recognized as professor and the youngest professor in Germany up to now. At the age of 24, he was the youngest professor in Germany to receive this title. He was also appointed director of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics.

From July 2011 Scholze has been a member of the Clay Mathematics Institute (A Mathematical Organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA).

In 2013, Peter was awarded the SASTRA Ramanujan Award. In 2014, he received the Clay Award. In 2015, he received the Cole Prize in the Mathematics of the American Mathematical Society. And in 2018, Scholze received the Fields Medal from the International Mathematical Union.


The Theorist Weinstein once said that Peter Scholze is a very solid person. "If he says ‘yes’, it will work. But if he says ‘not good enough’ you should quit. If he says he ‘do not know what's going to happen’ it's a good signal because you're holding on to something interesting."

Those who received Fields Medal of 2018 are Caucher Birkar, Alessio Figalli, Akshay Venkatesh are Peter Scholze.

Together with Peter Scholze, the other three scientists are researchers with outstanding contributions in the areas of probability calculus and partial differential equations, as well as Algebraic geometry.

Fields Medal is a prestigious award in the field of mathematics awarded to up to four mathematicians who are not over 40 years old and who have special achievements in mathematics. The Medal was founded by Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields and is awarded every four years at each Congress of the International Mathematical Union and is considered the "Nobel Prize in Mathematics."

By: Megan Wilson

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