The world’s most special wedding venues for your big day

No electricity, no fireworks, no tables... but these places are so attractive that many couples can’t resist choosing them to celebrate the biggest day of their life.


Aquarium is an ideal place for couples who love sea creatures. Lately, Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center in New York City has allowed couples to tie the knot with the witness of their... sharks. This special wedding venue will create unforgettable and, somehow, bizarre memories for the newlyweds.

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Hot air balloons

Hot air balloon is a good suggestion for couples who do not like traditional underground venues. If you and your fiancé set foot in the American Southwest for the international balloon festival, do not miss out on the chance to experience a “high” wedding. A hot air balloon is able to accommodate 12 people, enough for you to invite relatives and close friends to witness your happy moment.

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I f you and your partner love wildlife, safari is a good idea to try. In Ulusaba, Africa, couples can exchange marriage rings while being surrounded by African wildlife. Of course, this place has been selected by experts with multiple safeguards. You can experience both wedding ceremony and honeymoon here. It can't be more convenient, right?

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The atmosphere in the caves is usually quite stuffy, but if you have no problem with it, this is also one of the best suggestions for you to choose from. The Ozarks Memorial  Park Cemetery, Missouri has welcomed 2,500 couples here for the biggest moment of their life.

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Ice rivers

The idea of getting married on a cold frozen floor is quite exciting for couples who are... not afraid of the cold. If you love the cold, go to Alaska, where you can actually make an ice river your wedding venue. At Pearson's Pond, Alaska, the staff will turn your “cold” wedding dream into reality.

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A great idea for bookworm couples is to turn a library into a wedding hall. The New York Public Library can help couples who dream of getting married in the library to have an unforgettable ceremony of their life. This place will be even better when the librarians do not ask you to lower your voice while vowing.

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Old castles

The girls who love romance and ancient wedding will surely like these places, where you will be a beautiful princess on your big day. Beside the magnificent wedding hall, there are also plenty of astonishing rooms for you and your guests to rest in the castle. In the United States or Europe, there are many old castles or mansions used as wedding venues, so it is easy to turn your wedding into a royal wedding.

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By: Anna Bennett

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