The world's famous traditional dances

Let's take a look at some of the most popular traditional dances in the world.

1. Flamenco - Spain


Flamenco is a folk music and dance from Andalusia Spain. Flamenco comes from the Spanish word for fire, expressing passion when dancing with intensity. Flamenco dances are characterized by distinctive posture, fluttering or clapping and rattling on the dance floor.

2. Samba - Brazil


The sexy Samba dance with fast, energetic and intense movements is a very important part of Brazilian life. Brazilians love Samba.

In the sixteenth century, Portuguese imported a lot of slaves from Angola and Congo into Brazil, and the slaves brought their dances like Catarina, Emboda and Batuque. These dances have absorbed the dance and music styles of the Indians and the Portuguese into Brazilian Samba.

3. Hula - Hawaii, USA


The ancient Hula dance was brought to Hawaii by the Polynesians. In the past, Hula dance was a way of entertaining people with high positions and ways to worship the gods.

Many of the traditions of this dance have changed in recent decades. Back then, the "lei" (a traditional necklaces) was made for the gods and people are not allowed to wear them every day, The costumes included bare-breasted women wearing grass skirts and men wearing loincloths.

Although it has become familiar to tourists, the art of performing Hula has not lost its traditional beauty.

4. Salsa - Cuba


Thanks to the establishment of dance clubs and Salsa music, this dance is now famous throughout the world.

Since its inception in the 1920s, this traditional Cuban dance has incorporated new styles, including New York style, LA style, Miami style and Colombian style. This has made Salsa one of the most famous dances in the world.

Especially this dance is not only for professional dancers but also for everyone who loves to dance because it has simple footwork that anyone can learn.

5. Ghoomar - Rajasthan, India


Ghoomar folk dance in South India shows grace when combined with the colorful swings of the long dress to enhance its aesthetics.

As the female dancers danced around the room and clap, both men and women sing together. Like many folk dances, ghoomar dances are performed on special occasions to show worship of gods.

6. Haka - New Zealand


Traditionally, Haka dance is more like a war cry than a dance. It was performed before the battle by the Maori warriors to chase the enemy.

Like many dances, there are several versions of Haka but the most famous is Ka Mate, usually performed by the All Blacks in New Zealand.

If Ka Mate is not performed well before the match, the team is considered to be unlucky in the face of the enemy. The Haka dance has been played by the New Zealand national football team before the game since 1905, after which other countries' national teams also performed Haka in matches in New Zealand.

By: Reece Garcia

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