The mystical events which shook the world

Historically, there existed many mystical events that transcended human understanding and beyond the capacity of science.

The most bizarre knife in the world


This knife was cast by an Italian mad blacksmith who used his wife's right hand bone to make a hilt, using his son's ribs to make a blade. He also used his own toe bone as a handle, and donated to his creditor at the time. Three days later, the lender went mad and burned everyone in his family. It was known that the people who received this knife later also went crazy. It was cursed because not only did its owners get mad, but their entire family died.

The man accurately predicted his death day


German Cardinal Christian John WU Cheng-Chung accurately predicted his death. He died at 6:00 on September 23, 2002 at Queen Mary Hospital. He died at the age of 77. He suffered from bone marrow cancer. The fact that is what the Cardinal once said to his colleagues, referring to Hong Kong's two bishops, Francis Hsu and Hong-Ji Li, that before the period between May 23  and July 23 he would pass away due to illness. In order that sort, he would die on September 23.

The most magic figure in the world


The magic number in the world is 142857; 142857 X1 = 142857; 142857 X2 = 285714; 142857 X3 = 428571; 142857 X4 = 571428; 142857 X5 = 714285; 142857 X6 = 857142. The digits of it change the position. So multiply it by 7 is how much?

The mysterious location of the corner of the sun


This picture is a large rock on the Burmian Sea (Myanmar). One year occurs only once, when the sun is at a particular angle and needs a special light condition to see the scene. Tilt your head to the left and you will see the magnificence of the picture. The location of the corner of the sun below is still a mystery.

The wall cried


Jerusalem wall "shed tears" signal the day to the world? Jerusalem holy city of Israel appeared to have been a rare anomaly in July 2002. A trail of water from the stone wall were like actually crying,

Those drops of water flowed from the wall at the men's pilgrimage area, to the right of the middle stone, which approached the line separating the pilgrimage area of the women.

The discharge of the water may be caused by a waste pipe previously installed by the operator. Many people think that leakage is normal. However, the water droplets do not evaporate and spread out, just forming the teardrop shape was really a mystery. Some Jewish rabbinical sects also mentioned some of the prophecies in their books, as if the wall was crying tears, that is the foretelling of the end.

By: Mithrine Smith

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