The stunning classic interior designs of Italian designer Cappellini

Italian Design Ambassador Giulio Cappellini was selected by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world’s art trend.

Who is the global design ambassador Giulio Cappellini? 


Giulio Cappellini is known as the creative director of the renowned Italian Cappellini furniture company. He also laid the foundations for the development of modern Italian design. 

Every year, in April, the whole world draws attention to the famous Salone del Mobile design week in Milan with the participation of more than 2,500 units, companies and organizations active in the field of design. The contributor to this influential global design event has become louder over the years is no longer than Giulio Cappellini. He has succeeded in initiating plans to bring Italian design closer to the world's public since 1981. 


Moreover, Giulio is also a career supporter for many famous interior designers today by giving them the opportunity to showcase their work at Salone del Mobile. Giulio Cappellini is not only a designer, but he is also recognized by the world of art-design as a mentor to more than 50 famous designers in the world today. Among them, the most prominent designers are: Jasper Morrison, Marc Newson, Nendo, brothers Bouroullec and Marcel Wanders. Because of this, at the recent Fuorisalone event, Giulio Cappellini made history by receiving the prestigious "Milano Design Award Lifetime Achievement”for his contributions to the world design industry. 

In collaboration with many interior designers - the world-renowned architect, Cappellini has introduced a range of classics over the decades that any designer would like to contemplate and possess. 

Proust chair 

Traditional hand-crafted Proust Geometrica chair featured in the popular MV of Kanye West. 

The Proust chair was designed in 1978 by Alessandro Mendini, and quickly became a symbol of the 20th century design. The Proust chair was also considered by some experts to be one of the pinnacle of design in color selection. In 2009, Cappellini teamed up with Alessandro Mendini to create a multicolored Proust Geometric model painted entirely of handmade furniture to preserve the original design. 

Revolving Cabinet shelf 


Designed by Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata, the Revolving Cabinet shelf consists of 20 independent rotating compartments around a vertical metal axis. As soon as it was launched in 1970, the design quickly became the center of gravity due to its almost limitless formability while the compartments could rotate independently for any purpose. The modern design is also adorned with bright red color, so Revolving Cabinet can become an eye-catching spot for any space. 

Peacock chair 


Peacock chair in Rihanna's MV. Using felt material on a metal frame, a unique technique that does not use sutures or glue to keep the curved shape of the chair. 

Dror designer designed the Peacock chair in 2009. The work was done entirely by hand. Back seat and cushion were made by Cappellini master craftsmen. The metal base makes the seat structure so safe that people feel comfortable in contact with Peacock's soft felt. 



The S-chair was designed by Tom Dixon and first introduced by Cappellini at the Milan Fair in 1989. The unique shape of the sculpture, but completely comfortable to use, the S-chair is Tom Dixon's greatest success. The design won numerous awards and was listed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York as a masterpiece of mankind's interior design. 

The designs for the famous star 

When Brad Pitt ventured into the field of interior design, the New York Times interviewed four of the world's top interior designers commenting on Brad Pitt's works, and one of them was Giulio Cappellini. 

Brad Pitt with Bauhaus and Art Décor works

Giulio Cappellini said that Pitt's works have a harmonious blend of Bauhaus and Art Décor styles to create a completely new perspective, expressing freedom, freedom in the designer's personality. Brad Pitt is a fan of Cappellini designs. He ordered more than 30 Cappellini GEL to decorate his sea mansion in Santa Barbara. The Cappellini GEL chair was first introduced in 2001, quickly becoming the center of gravity for a breakthrough in style at the time: the back seat with the ability to change the color of the chair depending on light conditions. 

The Brad Pitt’s sea villa in Santa Barbara and the GEL chairs are booked by Brad Pitt exclusively for his sea mansion. 

The Mickey Collection was born from the collaboration of Cappellini and Walt Disney. 

The futurism TRON chair in “Tron: Legacy” movie. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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