The 7 most beautiful foxes in the world

In fact, fox is just a normal animal, need to hunt for survival. The foxes seldom gather in favor of living alone, hunting for living alone (especially small rodents). They also eat other foods, from grasshoppers to fruits. 

The foxes are generally cautious in human presence and usually live for only 2-3 years due to being hunt, but in captivity they can live up to 10 years or more. 

Here are the seven most beautiful fox species in the world, which BoredPanda has compiled and introduced: 

Fennec Fox 



Fennec foxes, from North Africa and the Sahara, are the smallest foxes in the world, weighing only 0.68 to 1.59 kilograms with a body length of about 0.79 to 1.35 ft and height of 0.66 ft, long tail 0.6-0.99 ft while the ears are about 0.33-0.5 ft long. However, they are extremely agile, capable of surprisingly high bursts. Their enemies have only eagles, owls and humans. Fennec foxes are distinguished by large ears that play a role in the release of body temperature. Their ears are very audible, so they can hear the prey moving under the sand. Cream-colored fur helps them reduce heat during the day and keep them warm at night. 

Red Fox 




Red Fox is the largest, most widespread and most diverse of all foxes. They can be found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and also in Australia. The red fox usually has a typical yellowish-brown coat, with a white coat. Usually, foxes live alone and hunt live prey (especially small rodents). They are very fast hunters and can jump over a fence at the height of over 6.56 ft. 

Marble Fox 



The marble fox is also a member of the red fox, but its coat color is not a natural color. They have a distinctive smell and for marking the territory, they often urinate or go out in visible places. 

Gray Fox 



Gray foxes are distributed throughout North America, which is distinguished by the coat and the black on the tail. It is the only animal in the canine family that can climb trees. 

Silver Fox 



The silver fox is actually the same species as the red fox and only different in the coat color. Because of this fur, they have at one time become the most valuable foxes. Humans still breed them for fur. 

Polar Fox 




It is also called by other names like white fox or snow fox. Polar foxes have relatively short legs and snout and thick feathers to keep warm in the cold to -70 degrees Celsius. At the same time, this species possesses a unique heat exchanger, which makes it feel no shivering. 

The polar foxes are omnivorous animals, so they can eat almost anything they can find. In the case of food scarcity, they also eat their own feces. 

Cross Fox 



Cross Fox is another "color version" of the red fox, most inhabited in North America. This species is distinguished by a black stripe running along its back and crossing another stripe for forming a cross on the shoulder. They are rarer than red foxes, but are more common than silver foxes. 

By: Oralie Smith

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