Surprising health benefits you can gain with love

Everyone knows that love makes us feel better, but there are many things we do not know yet, such as the health benefits of love that have been scientifically proven.

Love is a natural painkiller

Recent studies have shown that, when we hug, oxytocin (a chemical in the brain that produces a sense of peace and intimacy) released within 10-20 seconds can fight the pain, especially headache. In addition, just looking at photos of lovers can increase tolerance and relieve pain by 40% in normal cases and 15% in serious cases.

Our brains while we are seeing the image of our loved ones will feel more comfortable, making any kind of pain more pleasant. From another angle, many scientists have also demonstrated that making love also has a great effect to stop the pain. This is especially effective for chronic back pain, arthritis symptoms and cramps.

Love takes care of your heart

Research shows that the expression of love lowers your heart rate by half. This is even more effective in stressful situations, and it can reduce the risk of heart disease in the long run.

In addition, oxytocin is also released to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, and help us avoid and fight depression.


Love helps your body fight diseases

 The gestures of love can increase the production of endorphins, thereby enhancing our immune system. Similarly, people in love are better at responding to treatments and have a stronger motivation to fight off diseases.

Love can treat insomnia

Love hormones (oxytocin and endorphins) can inhibit the release of the stress hormone cortisol and promote better rest. In addition, hormonal reconstruction with love is proven to be one of the most effective treatments for insomnia.


Love reduces the addiction to stimulants

Opiate, cocaine, nicotine, alcohol are very addictive because they affect the concentration of dopamine in our body. Dopamine is a hormone that gives pleasure and euphoric effects (joy, confidence, excitement). Besides dopamine, it also enhances the release of testosterone and oxytocin, making it the best combination to avoid and addiction.

In other words, love makes life full of joy and comfort, and helps you get rid of the stimulants more effectively.

Love enhances longevity

A survey has found that people in relationships, especially in marriage, will feel healthier and have a healthy lifestyle (including food choices, daily meals, better rest, reduced stress…). Love also helps people avoid and solve physical problems faster. This has proven somehow that people who are in love and in a relationship tend to live longer.


Love is great psychotherapy

People use psychological treatment for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they want to be heard and understood. In addition to the psychologist, the one who is capable and willing to provide you an effective holistic therapist is your lover.

Your partner's support and affection are the psychological remedies you need to deal with your obsessions, depression, social anxiety, and your physical problems.


By: Quinn Abrams

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