Signs that you are living in the wrong time

We all feel lost among the new things around us sometimes. But if you meet the following elements, you are truly a person of the past.

The world is spinning constantly and not everyone can easily adapt to the changes around them. And here are some signs that you are living in the wrong time.

1. You like vintage fashion

This is considered to be the first characteristic of a girl living in the wrong time. Vintage fashion is always an interesting word for anyone, but if you are completely nonchalant with modern trends, and you always choose old-style designs and accessories, you were probably a girl who is lost in the present world.


2. You hate online dating

Apparently not many people like dating or meeting strangers in the media or social networking sites, but you will certainly be the person who deeply hate this kind of dating. For you, traditional dating is far more interesting. You will love to meet face to face, enjoy a romantic evening and kiss each other before separating.


3. You always stick with your instant camera

While your friends constantly change their smartphones, you do not seem to care about them at all. You are the one who always love instant camera only. This is also a sign that you like to store your memories through "artifacts" rather than surfing photos on the phone, where if you accidentally hit the wrong button, they will never go back.


4. You like popular music

Another sign that you are a person of the past is also reflected in your choice of music. In addition to a few classic songs from previous musical myths, you often listen to the mass. You do not have to worry about finding yourself a special style of music and you are not interested in modern music. For you, a product that is well received must be a good song, and you choose to listen to it as the "common sense" of life.


5. You watch classic films over and over again

You do not like to watch modern movies for a variety of reasons, it may be because of the colors of the movie, the content or the characters. Instead of sticking with cheesy romantic movies or aggressive action films, you enjoy lying on the bed during the weekend to see the once famous works.


6. You are not familiar with modern technologies

Do you ever feel hard to get used to technologies? Except for items that are required daily, you do not have the need to explore or discover the rest with improved technology. For you, they are a complete mess and you do not want to spend time on things you do not feel like needing.


By: Mithrine Smith

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